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Individuals, teams and organizations change and transform as they move into a new phases of identity and direction. This is in fact a creative process. We at Coachzone act as the facilitators to support this process of transformation. With our presence in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East, we cover a wide range of time zones and provide our services in various geographies through virtual platforms.


In addition to our coaching and training services for executives and consulting services for organizations, we offer training programs to professional coaches in support of their professional development. 


Our programs guide participants into levels of mastery.  In the broad spectrum of our trainings, we emphasize shifts that reorganize fundamental contexts and frameworks that define identity and purpose; we honor the sensitivity of heart for its vital perception and intelligence. Our approach is anchored in universal archetypes, experiences that can be replicated with clients, and full engagement of the body, heart and mind.

Our Team

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Burcu Çakın


Burcu's passion is to help, or train coaches to help, leaders and teams uncover their highest individual and collective purpose, unleash their potential, tap into their wholeness and create meaning at work.

She believes sustainable individual and systemic change can be attained if the focus is shifted from “doing” to “being”, balance is reached between heart-mind and brain-mind, and feminine and masculine are equally honored. These three factors describes Burcu's approach in her coaching and training.

Clients find her holistic presence, positive energy, authenticity and ability to create trust and intimacy as the key enablers for change and transformation.



Barbara Cecil

Wisdom Keeper

Author, thinking partner, facilitator, teacher and coach, Barbara brings in the elder spirit, deep knowledge and unique presence, that channels the indigenous wisdom and connect us with the unseen.


Her work of many years with and for people in transitions has led to her co-foundation of Coming Into Your Own, an inner leadership program for women, which is now offered in 19 countries, including Turkey.  


She is the designer of The Symbols Way, as a tool for coaches and therapists who support clients during transitions and turning points in their lives.



Tuğçe Çinkitaş


System builder, website builder, relationship builder, Tuğçe is the bridge between the inner and outer world of Coachzone. By giving them a structure and a voice, she makes all our creations visible, accessible and sustainable.

Tuğçe describes herself as a restless explorer of nature with child curiosity and sees life as a journey of adventure and discovery.


She brings a total of 14 years of work experience in various fields of communication such as Corporate Communication, Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing, Organization. Her colorful past experience has helped her to develop communication skills.


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