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Symbols Way Coaching

The Symbols Way is a coaching method and tool to help people refocus their purpose and direction, sense what is emerging for them, ground insight around next steps and align with right timing. It is particularly useful in times of transitions, at crossroads or when stuck in a repeating pattern, questioning competing options, or feeling there is “something more” just out of sight. 


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Transition Coaching 

According to William Bridges in his book Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change, transitions are psychological and contain three phases:

1. Ending (letting go)

2. Neutral zone (in-betweenness)

3. New beginning  (launching into a new situation). 



Symbols Way Coaching Program
Transition Coaching Program

Burcu, thanks to your coaching presence, deep listening as well as your technical knowledge, I feel I am now much better equipped as a coach. Your coaching comes so naturally and powerfully that it becomes a safe and compassionate container. This group mentoring has been my luck. It is an opportunity not to be missed.

Duygu Üstün Ünder


"I have a question!"

Learning Meetups

As a coach, you ask your coachee powerful questions. For your professional development, to whom do you ask your inquiries? What if you had a sharing circle that you can regularly turn to? Wouldn't you like to have a community, a learning environment, a source that you feed and nourish in your coaching journey?


Coachzone makes this possible for you with the guidance and mentorship of Burcu Çakın, an ICF certified master coach (MCC) and a faculty leader at Adler Central Europe.


"I have a question!" - Learning Meetups for Coaches takes place on Zoom:

  • For Turkish, on the first Thursday of every month between 21:00 and 22:00 TR time.

  • For English, on the last Thursday of every month between 19:00 and 20:00 CET.


Individual Mentoring & Supervision

Are you looking for an effective way to support your professional development as a coach? Do you want feedback on your coaching to prepare for credentialing? Do you need to deep dive in coaching competencies and strengthen your coaching presence? Or do you just need more self-confidence?


You may consider to receive individual mentoring and supervision from Burcu Çakın, an ICF certified master coach (MCC) and a faculty leader at Adler Central Europe.

Depending on your specific needs and expectations, you will start by clarifying together with Burcu the focus areas, duration of the mentoring and frequency of the sessions. 


Group Mentoring

In addition to your mentoring and supervision need, if you feel alone in your coaching journey and are also looking for other coaches to grow together and support each other, then you may consider to be one of the 12 people in our group mentoring program with Burcu.


In group mentoring, sessions are interactive and heavily based on practice.  In each sessions, participants have the opportunity to practice peer coaching, get instant feedback on their competencies and observe demo coaching from Burcu.


We hold five 1.5-hour group meetings every two weeks in Zoom. In addition, each coach has 1 hour one-to-one mentoring session.



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