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Transition Coaching Program

Transition Coaching Lndng
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According to William Bridges in his book Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change, transitions are psychological and contain three phases: 1. Ending (letting go) 2. Neutral zone (in-betweenness) 3. New beginning  (launching into a new situation). 


There are many types of transitions in life. Some may be bigger and more radical than the others. Some may be wanted and planned while some not. Regardless of the situation, every transition is a process which involves external circumstances, and almost always inner orientation that require shifts in mindsets and emotional passages. An effective coaching process for transitions should address all the stages of a creative cycle, in line with the 3 phases of transition, and the fundamental inner changes required.  We see transition as a time to ground in deeper calling, and a more profound sense of Self.


Transition Coaching program which trains coaches to effectively coach people in both career and life transitions. It is informed by the law of cycles at the heart of Indigenous earth-based teachings. Coaches will develop skills to navigate change in synchrony with natural life cycles.  This will translate into deep support for coachees through the 3 phases of transition.

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