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Symbols Way Coaching Program

Symbols Way Lndng

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The Symbols Way is a coaching method and tool to help people refocus their purpose and direction, sense what is emerging for them, ground insight around next steps and align with right timing. It is particularly useful in times of transitions, at crossroads or when stuck in a repeating pattern, questioning competing options, or feeling there is “something more” just out of sight. 


Designed by Barbara Cecil, the process was then pioneered and refined in the Coming Into Your Own programs worldwide, including Turkey. It makes use of an inquiry process that is linked to Jungian archetypal lenses that provide distinct vantage points on one’s current situation. Using symbols, coaches are eventually able to rearrange the factors involved at their present threshold in a way that matches an inner potential.


The process is an invaluable tool for therapists and coaches, well-proven by over 4,000 men and women. In addition to participant manual, course material also includes Symbols Way kit with summary instructions and support material. 


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