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Tuğçe Çinkitaş

System builder, website builder, relationships builder, Tuğçe is the bridge between the inner and outer world of Coachzone. By giving them a structure and a voice, she makes all our creations visible, accessible and sustainable.

Tuğçe describes herself as a restless explorer of nature with child curiosity and sees life as a journey of adventure and discovery.


She brings a total of 14 years of work experience in various fields of communication such as Corporate Communication, Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing, Organization. Her colorful past experience has helped her to develop communication skills.

Tuğçe after completing the Department of Media and Communication Systems, Faculty of Communication, Bilgi University, trained herself in the departments of different communication branches in each of eight different corporate companies in Istanbul in six years.


After quiting corporate life in 2013, she discovered herself. First of all, she took the lead by aiming to fulfill her human values. The coach training she received from Adler has been a great supporter in the process of fulfilling these goals. After studying photography, she started taking stage photos at music festivals, but feeling that the energy of Istanbul was not good for her, she migrated to Faralya in 2015 and continued to explore herself there.


Along with bee-keeping education, being with the earth and animals, learning to live in nature, observing people, falling in love with the world, learning and understanding self-love, writing and nurturing the spiritual world; she also worked as the operations manager of a boutique hotel.


Her whole world has changed with her daughter, who entered her life with lightning speed in 2020, and she continues to work on the web site design, marketing and management of communication channels of Coachzone in Kaş. She is also a designer and has a brand named Aria & Gaia Creations where she designs jewellery with gemstones.

As she continues to explore herself, she learns to embrace with love and serenity all the transitional processes that she does not want to get out of and in which the precious doors of life are opened; she continues to find peace by enlarging her comfort zone with the efforts that open doors are connected to. She dreams of being together and writing a book so that the dysfunctional order established by people in the world, namely dystopia, turns into utopia.

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