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Symbols Way Coaching Program

The Symbols Way is a coaching method and tool to help people refocus their purpose and direction, sense what is emerging for them, ground insight around next steps and align with right timing. It is particularly useful in times of transitions, at crossroads or when stuck in a repeating pattern, questioning competing options, or feeling there is “something more” just out of sight.


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Transition Coaching Program

According to William Bridges in his book Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change, transitions are psychological and contain three phases: 1. Ending (letting go) 2. Neutral zone (in-betweenness) 3. New beginning  (launching into a new situation).


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Inclusive Leadership

We all are in a continuous creative tension between our desire for uniqueness and need for belongingness. We all want to stand out from the crowd and feel recognized for what's distinct about us. And, we also want to feel accepted as part of the crowd, regardless of our differences or similarities with others.

Inclusion is the only way to meet people's need for individuality (Uniqueness) and their need for connection (Belongingness). When these two needs are met, people feel valued, trusted, authentic and safe and bring their best selves to their environment.


Inclusion starts with “I”. This is a transformational program which aims to support a culture of inclusivity by creating awareness about unconscious bias, how to notice and handle them and developing inclusive leadership skills.


The program utilizes the know-how, methods and tools of Pluribus and ICQ Global, including assessments for cognitive diversity, psychological safety, motivational drivers and inclusive leadership behaviors. 

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Holistic Leadership

Effective leadership draws strength from within, rather than from outer sources (titles, positions, networks etc.) and inspires through love, not fear.

It is essential for a leader to bring in as much heart and soul as does body and mind and balance his/her feminine/masculine qualities. The way to achieve this is to be in contact with themselves. Therefore, it starts from within. 

This program has three focuses:

1. Who am I as a leader? (My signature).

2. How do I affect others in my relationships? (My impact)

3. What do I create for the system? (My legacy)

The program utilizes Jungian archetypes and the Leadership Wheel approach and survey.

Leadership Training

Inclusive Leadership
Holistic Leadership
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