Our Voluntary Social Projects

As coachzone we are proud of the many valuable social responsibility projects we voluntarily and wholeheartedly support.
The Dreamcoaching project; in collaboration with Dreamstalk aiming to reach out to college students encouraging them to dream and supporting them in taking action to make their dreams come true, Coaching support to YenidenBiz which works to reintegrate women into the business world, being a solution partner to TurkishWin which is an international communication platform connecting women who have familial, cultural and proffesional ties to Turkey, Coaching support to, families with autisic children with OGAD, teachers who help create the future through ÖRAV, to teenagers and college students through ÇYDD, to the working women sisterdhood circle of BinYaprak, to executives of TEGV who create invaluable projects in support of education and to the DLD staff who work to emphasize the potential of women and their reintegration to society.
As supporters of these invaluable projects, seeing them grow exponentially is our greatest dream!

turkish win
yeniden biz