Transformation in Institutions

We belive that sustainability in instituitons stems from “real” leaders who aim to add value to society, who are not afraid to dream and who work to inspire and a “participant” managerial approach that values integrity, diversity and gender equality/balance.


The work environment deserves as much heart as it does the mind, and as much soul as it does the body.


Unless there is balance of these, neither the decisions or choices made, nor the actions taken can achieve desired results or sustainable success.


Effective leadership draws strengh from within, rather than from outer sources (titles, positions, networks etc.) and inspires through love, not fear.

It is essential for a leader to bring in as much heart and soul as does body and mind and the only way to achieve this is to be in contact with them.




According to research data, the most effective method in adult development is experience based learning.  Threrefore in our tranformational workshops we focus on the power of experience with a  mind-heart-soul-body approach, working with personalities, and not with identities.


Group Coaching: 


We know that awareness alone is not enough for real transformation and so we support participants in bringing their learnings to life. 


‘Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.’ – P. Drucker


Each participant leaves the workshop with an individual action plan. The goal of follow-up Group Coaching, which is held 2-3 weeks after the workshop, is to support the coachees in actualizing their learnings from workshops into behavior, to share experiences, learn from one another, and anchor awareness through real life experiences.


One-on-one Coaching:


The first session of One-on-one Coaching aims to ask participants expectations from the program, their personal goals and clear outputs they wish to take at the end of the program. In the second session, the aim is to make an interim evaluation, to assess the effects of the program on the participants, to hear what has been experenced through change and action plans for the future. The third and final session, aims at a general evaluation of the program in relation to the initially determined goals and expections and assess related achievements.


Institutional Transformation Programs

Diversity and Inclusion

The program supports  managers, teams and organizations in creating environments where each individual feels self-worthy, has a sense of belonging, and can fully reflect their potential.

When Mars and Venus Meet on Earth

The program aims to help both men and women achieve ore success in their personal and professional lives together, by facilitating an understanding and appreciation of each other, and each other’s cultures.

Unconscious Bias

This program aims to include all differences into the organizational culture by working on individual and organizational bias.

Leadership Orchestra

It supports the leadership team (management team) in working more harmonious with each other, in being more productive, and in a more positive approach.  The program is based on team management principles and practices.

Women in Leadership

The program, which is designed exclusively for women, aims to create awareness and balance in masculine/feminine leadership features in the business environment.

New/Next Generation Leadership Skills

A new generation of leadership skills has become a necessity. This program aims to support the development of leadership skills that enable leaders to work more closely with their teams, to give effective feedback, to appreciate more and create employee acknowledgment.

It is a comprehensive program for the development of leadership skills for companies which have embraced a sustainable, positive leadership culture.

Purpose of the Program


  • To create a positive approach and common language,
  • To create awareness on strengths and values,
  • To strengthen deep listening, strong questions, feedback and appreciation skills,
  • To gain experience in leadership stance,
  • To clarify the vision of leadership,
  • To plan actions and behaviours that will serve the vision of leadership,
  • To adapt the archetype models in leadership.

For more detailed information,


Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is designed for individuals holding mangerial positions in companies and/or organisations, supporting them in achieving desired goals, developing leadership, management, communication skills and performance increase through core competencies such as effective feedback, balance of life and prioritization.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is designed to determine the vision, mission and goals of organizations and institutions, with a coaching approach, to encourage organizational teams to achieve goals with the right motivation, to teach these skills for the benefit of the institution as a whole and to develop leadership skills of team members.

Working Mothers Coaching

One of the most important milestones in a woman’s life is the process of having a child. During this period a woman can face physical, emotional, and mental fluctuations simultaneously. Especially for working mothers this period may be even more challanging with feelings of guilt, self-blame, sleep deprivation and inner conflicts. This program aims to support both mothers and employing institutions by facilitating pre-natal and post-natal coaching processes to create positve results for both mothers and the institutions.

The Return on Coaching with Numbers

Source: ICF Global Coaching Client Study was commissioned by the ICF but conducted independently by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Growth in Efficiency


Professional coaching brings out potential.

Increase in Performance0%
Business Management0%
Time Management0%
Team Activity0%

Positive Employees

Increases self-confidence of individuals and teams to overcome obstacles.

Increase in Self-Confidence0%
Increase in Relationship Skills0%
Increase in Communication Skills0%
Growth of Competence in Establishing Life Balance0%